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The World of Virtual Wellness Programs

I previously wrote about how the face of wellness programs has changed. In my blog, I discussed new trends such as wearable tech, online wellness portals and personalized wellness initiatives. As more employees spread out across the U.S. and worldwide, and many are given the option to work from home, we see another trend picking […]

Snapshot: Effective Communication Drives Wellness Participation

Many companies buy or build robust wellness programs, then may overlook the impact an effective communication strategy can have on engagement. Even the most comprehensive wellness program can fall flat if it is not successfully communicated to employees. An effective communication plan considers a wide range of factors, including specific information on each employee, his […]

The Concept of Workplace Wellness Today – The Face of Office Wellness Has Changed

Advances in technology continue to shape our world. As a result, companies have redefined their approach to wellness programs. As your organization continues to evolve its wellness program offerings, take a look at several ways these programs are changing to meet the digital age. You might pick up some tips to integrate into your own […]

Why Wellness?

Having healthy employees is key to cultivating a healthier and more efficient workplace. Healthier employees equate to less sick time, decreased health care costs and happier workers overall. Part of improving the health of your employees is having an effective and holistic wellness program. I recently published a blog on LinkedIn where I discuss three […]

The Value of Look and Feel

Technology plays a key role in modern wellness programs, and it enables us to gather a wealth of data about what employees really want from a corporate wellness program. By utilizing this information, we are able to develop personas and create personal, engaging stories to help generate interest in the programs we offer. As part […]

Corporate Wellness Programs Make You Well – 5 Pitfalls to Avoid to Achieve Success

Recently there have been a number of articles written about the ineffectiveness of workplace wellness programs. Of course, I tend to be defensive when reading these perspectives. As a wellness professional and consultant to organizations large and small, I see firsthand the impacts wellness programs can have on work communities. That being said, it is […]

Reflecting on the corporate health & wellness webinar

Any level of employee involvement in a wellness initiative, whether small or large, should be rendered a success. But how can companies create buzz and incentivize further employee involvement when it comes to office-wide wellness programs? The key to higher levels of employee engagement often lies in communication and the ever popular, “What’s in it […]

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