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5 Creative Award Ideas for Rockstar Employees

For any organization, it’s important to recognize and reward employees who go above and beyond the call of duty. Successful companies have established a culture of recognition that rewards teamwork, milestones, innovation, customer service, and more. Establishing a culture of recognition means that employees will continually strive for success, since they know their hard work […]

What Is the Impact of Employee Engagement on Customer Satisfaction?

It’s no secret that engaged employees deliver consistently better customer service. A recent Gallup Survey on the State of the Global Workplace, however, found that only 13 percent of workers consider themselves engaged in the workplace and willing to foster the meaningful relationship customers want. Unfortunately for businesses, superior customer experiences are highly beneficial for […]

25 Staff Birthday Card Wishes That Can Delight & Inspire Employees

Many employees spend their birthdays at the office. On these special days, employers should make an extra effort to ensure their employees feel valued and recognized by the organization. A birthday is the perfect opportunity to remind employees they’re appreciated in the workplace with a heartfelt sentiment. Staff birthday card wishes can be as simple […]

4 Ways to Get the New Year Started Off on the Right Foot

The New Year is a time of both reflection and planning ahead. For businesses, it’s the perfect opportunity to recognize and reconnect with customers and employees as well as celebrate individual milestones and company-wide successes. On the tail end of the holiday season, employees and customers alike will be relaxed and in good spirits. With […]

5 Small Ways to Make Employee Work Anniversaries Special

A work anniversary can be a special time for employees to reflect on the previous work year: their successes, accomplishments, and career growth. It’s also an important milestone for employers to recognize because it shows they value having an employee on board. Effective employee recognition starts with keeping an organized record of staff member start […]

Where Technology Meets Human Moments

With nearly two-thirds of Americans using smartphones to engage with others, technology has become part our everyday life. While face-to-face interactions are still crucial, they aren’t always possible. Create a culture that generates human moments and builds relationships – even through digital channels. It’s important to remember these digital connections can’t exist in isolation. Use […]

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