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Employee Engagement Challenges: Build a direct connection and correlation to employee engagement and employee recognition

Fact: Employee recognition and employee engagement are intrinsically tied. Employee recognition bolsters confidence and actively influences our attitudes toward our work, encouraging ongoing employee engagement. But without embedding and connecting these concepts within your company’s culture, your organization may run into employee engagement challenges. To maximize the effectiveness of engagement and recognition across your organization, […]

The Communication Gap

At Hallmark Business Connections, we approach the concept of employee engagement from a holistic vantage point. We focus not simply on our clients’ business, but on employee recognition, wellness programs and the approach to customer engagement throughout the organization. From experience, we know the most engaged employees are those who are provided with the tools […]

How To Align Leadership and Employee Visions

There are several drivers of workplace disengagement; among them is the speed at which the business world moves today and the challenges this creates. For any business, it’s difficult to pause mid-flow to ensure central alignment and vision. Take into account that many businesses exist with multiple locations across the United States, if not the […]

Share, Grow, and Inspire Customer Facing Employees

On June 15-19, the 16th Annual Call Center Week Conference will converge once again in Las Vegas. The event provides an opportunity for industry experts to come together and share inspirational stories of leadership, innovation, growth and transformation. The conference is the perfect place to reflect on accomplishments, identify where the collective industry can improve […]

Corporate Wellness Programs Make You Well – 5 Pitfalls to Avoid to Achieve Success

Recently there have been a number of articles written about the ineffectiveness of workplace wellness programs. Of course, I tend to be defensive when reading these perspectives. As a wellness professional and consultant to organizations large and small, I see firsthand the impacts wellness programs can have on work communities. That being said, it is […]

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