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7 Things Great Recognizers Do Remarkably Well

In highly collaborative organizations recognition is a great way to build and strengthen high performing teams. The very best recognizers thrive in such environments because they easily identify the many opportunities to engage people during the natural course of the work flow. In other words, they shine a spotlight on both the big and little […]

The Customer Loyalty Framework That’s Hard Work – But Works

I began following the work of noted author, speaker and Forbes contributor, Micah Solomon, some time ago. While Micah and I share a similar point of view, his individual style and perspective provide unique structure and clarity around the real issues companies face today. I’m delighted to bring Micah’s wit, wisdom and thought-provoking insight to […]

Exploring Our New Customer Shopping Experience at Shop at Hallmark Business Connections

At Hallmark Business Connections, our mission is to help our clients’ businesses build and strengthen the relationships that make them thrive. Greeting cards, a signature solution from Hallmark, are an important product offering for helping turn customers into advocates, employees into champions, and companies into healthier environments. As we looked at the new generation of online […]

Preview: Future Contact Center Summit Presentation

At Hallmark Business Connections, we’re all about creating meaningful, memorable connections. By connecting employees and customers and changing how businesses manage these relationships, we have seen firsthand how we can enhance relationships in order to create a more meaningful business world. Rhonda and I are excited to announce we will be speaking on this topic […]

Create Timely Opportunities to Spark Customer Appreciation, Try Valentine’s Day

Creating meaningful and authentic opportunities for businesses to express appreciation for their customers is something many struggle with. Naturally occurring occasions do exist for this sentiment, but they are so few and far between that customers may feel overrun by receiving simultaneous messages of appreciation from many businesses, causing those messages to be tuned out. […]

Foundational Elements For an Omni-Channel Customer Experience Strategy

In today’s business landscape, the explosion of social media and digital technologies has changed the game for companies looking to connect and build relationships with customers. Armed with a goldmine of customer data (shopping and purchase behavior, likes, tweets, posts, shares, etc.), brands can leverage these insights to develop an understanding of when, what, why, and […]

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