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25 Simple Messages That Show Clients & Employees You Care

When it comes to communicating your sincere thoughts of gratitude and appreciation to clients and employees, it’s crucial to set the appropriate tone. In the words of speaker and author John C. Maxwell, “People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.” There are many ways of expressing your thoughts and well wishes to […]

Your Personalized Engagement Strategy, One that Drives Positive Outcomes

Your wellness program means nothing if it isn’t backed by an engagement strategy that resonates with your employees and produces desirable outcomes. It makes the difference between a simple wellness program and a well-organized wellness strategy. Ask yourself and fellow decision makers these two questions before putting your wellness program strategy in place. What does […]

Customer Service Secrets From the Most Awarded 5-Star Hotel in the World

I’m pleased to present a second article by noted author, speaker and Forbes contributor, Micah Solomon. While Micah and I share a similar point of view, his individual style and perspective provide unique structure and clarity around the real issues companies face today. Read on for Micah’s wit, wisdom and thought-provoking insight regarding customer experience. […]

Put Your Heart Into It

How often did your parents tell you that? My siblings and I always heard it when we were giving a halfhearted effort at our homework or dawdling over our least favorite chore. Work harder. Try more. In my adult life, that saying has taken on a different meaning. As the director of our Customer Engagement […]

7 Things Great Recognizers Do Remarkably Well

In highly collaborative organizations recognition is a great way to build and strengthen high performing teams. The very best recognizers thrive in such environments because they easily identify the many opportunities to engage people during the natural course of the work flow. In other words, they shine a spotlight on both the big and little […]

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