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5 Small Ways to Make Employee Work Anniversaries Special

A work anniversary can be a special time for employees to reflect on the previous work year: their successes, accomplishments, and career growth. It’s also an important milestone for employers to recognize because it shows they value having an employee on board. Effective employee recognition starts with keeping an organized record of staff member start […]

How to Master Customer Service Recovery

Here at Hallmark Business Connections we often talk about the importance of apologizing well. In this guest blog post, Micah Solomon, author and Forbes contributor, gives his point of view on an easy acronym to follow to make apologizing during a service recovery as easy as ARFFD. Happy reading. Service breakdowns are uncomfortable, and probably […]

Where Technology Meets Human Moments

With nearly two-thirds of Americans using smartphones to engage with others, technology has become part our everyday life. While face-to-face interactions are still crucial, they aren’t always possible. Create a culture that generates human moments and builds relationships – even through digital channels. It’s important to remember these digital connections can’t exist in isolation. Use […]

Why Everyone Needs to be Responsible for the Customer Experience

As we mark CXDay (Customer Experience Day) at Hallmark Business Connections, we celebrate the employees who concentrate on putting the customer at the center of our operations every day, an approach that figures prominently in the article below by Micah Solomon, customer service consultant and author. I am delighted to bring Micah’s voice to our […]

The World of Virtual Wellness Programs

I previously wrote about how the face of wellness programs has changed. In my blog, I discussed new trends such as wearable tech, online wellness portals and personalized wellness initiatives. As more employees spread out across the U.S. and worldwide, and many are given the option to work from home, we see another trend picking […]

Snapshot: Effective Communication Drives Wellness Participation

Many companies buy or build robust wellness programs, then may overlook the impact an effective communication strategy can have on engagement. Even the most comprehensive wellness program can fall flat if it is not successfully communicated to employees. An effective communication plan considers a wide range of factors, including specific information on each employee, his […]

5 Ways to Express Workplace Gratitude & Appreciation This Holiday Season

When you hear the term “Thanksgiving holiday,” chances are you picture family and friends enjoying one another’s company as the fire cracks and pops in the background. With the game on in the den, you can smell the turkey roasting in the oven as the gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, rolls, and sweet corn start […]

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