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Workplace Wellness Communications: Why Do They Matter?

Workplace wellness programs, as we’ve written about recently, have been in existence for years because of the impact they can have on employee productivity and engagement.  In fact, an Aflac Workforce study shows that employees who work for companies with wellness programs report having greater job satisfaction—67% believe their employers take care of them. But […]

Why HBC?

My sons are way past the toddler-version of Why? They’re firmly entrenched in the way-less-cute Why of pre-adolescent snark. In our careers, we ask a lot of Whys…from Why does it work this way? to Why do I do what I do? When we talk about Hallmark in the B2B space, people wonder why. At […]

Swiftly Impact the Customer Experience: Using Survey Comments as Quantitative Data

With today’s customers becoming more discerning than ever before, providing exceptional customer service has never been more important.  Research, in fact, shows that customer experience is a high priority for consumers, with 60% often or always paying more for a better experience. I am a firm believer in quantifying the impact of customer experience efforts.  […]

Understanding the Convergence of Marketing and Customer Service

Q&A From the Integrated Marketing Summit I was humbled recently to attend the Integrated Marketing Summit in Atlanta and present to fellow industry leaders on Customer Experience Management programs and how they align marketing and empowered employees to effectively engage with customers. The Summit as a whole was a great experience and after my presentation […]

Taking Wellness into the Office

Today, it’s easy to spend just as much time working from home as we do in the office. From corporate office to home office, it’s easy for our health to lose priority placing amongst the long list of daily to-dos. It’s not easy to find the time, but remember our physical health also impacts our […]

Empower Employees, Engage Customers

We live in an era of highly empowered customers who have unlimited access to information via the Internet and a desire to feel good about the products and services they choose. Today’s customer also takes pride in telling their stories to others. Consider that 25 billion brand conversations occur every year in social media. Then […]

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