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The Value of Look and Feel

Technology plays a key role in modern wellness programs, and it enables us to gather a wealth of data about what employees really want from a corporate wellness program. By utilizing this information, we are able to develop personas and create personal, engaging stories to help generate interest in the programs we offer. As part […]

Make Employee Feedback a Gift

Bill Gates wisely said, “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” Our exposure to feedback often starts when we’re young. From hopping on a bike or wielding a pencil for the first time to mastering fractions, feedback guides almost everything we do. Whether we realize it or not, feedback […]

Congratulations to Hallmark Gold Crown – Forrester’s Top Traditional Retailer For Customer Experience

Congratulations to our friends and business partners at Hallmark Gold Crown! Forrester Research named them the highest scoring traditional retailer for customer experience in its 2014 North America Customer Experience online survey. This is quite an honor and an even bigger accomplishment. Out of 229 brands across 18 industries, Forrester-one of the most influential research […]

Align the Team, Develop Key Messages for Formal Feedback

Whether a performance review or quarterly progress meeting, formal feedback is key to uplifting and motivating employees. Just as you would structure formal milestones, plan ahead and structure formal feedback. What do you know about your employee’s goals and how she’s tracking toward conquering them? What do you know about his attitude toward the company? […]

Employee Engagement Challenges: Build a direct connection and correlation to employee engagement and employee recognition

Fact: Employee recognition and employee engagement are intrinsically tied. Employee recognition bolsters confidence and actively influences our attitudes toward our work, encouraging ongoing employee engagement. But without embedding and connecting these concepts within your company’s culture, your organization may run into employee engagement challenges. To maximize the effectiveness of engagement and recognition across your organization, […]

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