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Harvesting for the future

Today’s blog post is from Char Jackson, Innovation Director at Hallmark Business Connections. We’re excited to celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Week. Founded in 2001 to recognize and celebrate creativity’s power, it betters individual lives and the wider world. As a creative professional, I want to celebrate this week with a nod to an organization […]

Maximizing wellness engagement to drive positive outcomes

Wellness programs are leaving their mark on the workplace by increasing productivity, impacting healthy behaviors and positive financial ROI. Last spring, I wrote about the five best practices for health & wellness programs. Today, I’m diving into tips to maximize wellness engagement across your company to engage employees long term and drive ultimate returns, positive […]

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Work life. We use that term to describe what we do on the job…our tasks, meetings and responsibilities. But that’s only the work part. Think about the other half: life. Now there’s a loaded term. Imagine you’re a customer service representative. You can fix the bill, send out the repair staff or change account information. […]

MMM Experiences

Do companies have to be perfect in order to win in the marketplace? Sure, we aim for flawless execution and high-quality products. But let’s face it. Maybe the shape of snowflakes and warm, sunny spring days consistently hit the mark…but businesses? Afraid not. We all have favorite companies…ones we stick with…even if something goes wrong. […]

Four customer experience tips that bridge the gap between customers who are satisfied and ones who advocate

Think back to a memorable experience you had with a business. What is it about that unique experience that stands out? Most likely it was not simply what you purchased, but the interaction you had and how it made you feel. Truly memorable experiences depend on the sentiments a customer walks away feeling. Those feelings […]

Three Ways Communication Will Impact Wellness in 2015

Communication is key to driving employee engagement, and an effective communications program is absolutely critical to the ongoing success of any wellness program. When approaching wellness programs, remember each person thinks about it in her own unique way. Technology allows businesses to acquire substantial data and use it to customize and modify programs in real […]

25 Simple Messages That Show Clients & Employees You Care

When it comes to communicating your sincere thoughts of gratitude and appreciation to clients and employees, it’s crucial to set the appropriate tone. In the words of speaker and author John C. Maxwell, “People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.” There are many ways of expressing your thoughts and well wishes to […]

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